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Click on a historical theme below to view an article with a carefully selected set of events that relate to a particular specialised area of historical study.
Themes usually cover a relatively small span of time such as the lifetime of an individual or the duration of a conflict or war.
Aviation Aviation (1783-1997)
The first balloon flight to the first solo around-the-world flight completed by a woman.
The Black Death The Black Death
The Boer War The Boer War (1900-1902)
The British Monarchy The British Monarchy (0871-2002)
From the early Saxon Kings through to the modern monarchy.
British Prime Ministers British Prime Ministers (1905-)
The Calendar The Calendar (0001-1972)
How we account for time and record its passage from day-to-day and from year-to-year.
Ceres Ceres
The Largest Asteroid in the Asteroid Belt
Charon Charon
The first moon of Pluto
Early Christianity Early Christianity (0001-1054)
The founding of the Christian church from the birth of Jesus the Nazarine to the split into Roman and Orthodox churches.
Middle Christianity Middle Christianity (1054-1500)
The middle period of the development of the Christian church including the Great Schism.
Late Christianity Late Christianity (1500-1998)
The development of the Christian church and its division into further sects.
The Crusades The Crusades (1095-1314)
The story of the Crusades, the Knights Templar, the Hospitallers and the Tutonic Knights.
The Domesday Book The Domesday Book (1085-1086)
The results of the Domesday Survey of England recording 13,418 settlements.
The British East India Company The British East India Company
The Elements The Elements (1735-2001)
The discovery of the fundamental chemical elements and the development of the periodic table.
The English Civil War The English Civil War (1642-1649)
The European Union The European Union (1957-)
The development of the Eurpoean Union from the common market to a common currency.
Exploration of Land & Sea Exploration of Land & Sea (0150-1986)
Man's exploration of the world's enviroment by land, air and sea.
Exploration of Space Exploration of Space (1918-)
Man's exploration of the enviroment beyond the confines of Earth.
Films & Movies Films & Movies (1832-1995)
The development of the moving image from the early silent films through to completely digital productions.
Food & Drink Food & Drink (0001-1989)
Human consumption of food and drink for pleasure or for survival.
The Internet The Internet (1957-)
The phenomenon of the Internet, how it came about and how it has grown.
Islam Islam (0571-1995)
The founding and the rise of Islam from the birth of the Holy Prophet Mohammad.
The Jacobite Rebellions The Jacobite Rebellions (1689-1746)
The Jacobite Rebellions in England
Jupiter Jupiter
The 5th Planet from the Sun
Mars Mars
The 4th Planet from the Sun
Medicine Medicine (0001-2001)
The struggle for mankind to understand the functioning and repair of the human body.
Mercury Mercury
The nearest Planet to the Sun
The Moon The Moon
The Earth's only natural satelite
Neptune Neptune
The 8th Planet from the Sun
Nobel Laureates Nobel Laureates (1901-2002)
The international award given for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace and economic sciences.
The Nuclear Age The Nuclear Age (1895-)
From the splitting of the atom to the development of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.
The Olympics The Olympics (1893-)
The moden Olympic Games continuing a much older tradition of human competition.
Photography Photography (1553-1996)
The development of still photography from a single chemical plate to the invention of digital cameras.
Pluto Pluto
Once classified as the 9th Planet from the Sun.
The Printed Legacy The Printed Legacy (0047-1960)
The development of man's ability to record his knowledge on on the printed page.
Radio Broadcasting Radio Broadcasting (1873-)
The transmission of sound via radio waves.
Saturn Saturn
The 6th Planet from the Sun
Sikhism Sikhism
TV Broadcasting TV Broadcasting (1890-)
The development of mass-media visual broadcasting and the inventions that led to its popularity.
UB313 UB313
One of the Largest Plutons
The United Nations The United Nations (1945-)
The history behind the organisation that binds most of the world's countries together.
Uranus Uranus
The 7th Planet from the Sun
US Civil War US Civil War (1861-1865)
The war fought between the american North against the South over slavery.
US Revolutionary War US Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
When America won its independance from the British.
Venus Venus
The 2nd Planet from the Sun
World War I World War I (1914-1918)
The Great War that was called the War to end all wars.
World War II World War II (1939-1945)
The world war instigated by Adolf Hitler which touched every part of the globe.
Xmas Xmas (0001-2000)
The history of the Xmas celebration, Saint Nicholas, Kris Krimble, Santa Claus, and Father Christmas
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