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Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603)

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Queen Elizabeth I of Britain
  7 Sep 1533  CEEngland's Queen Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich.
  8 Dec 1542  CEMary Queen of Scots was born. She became the Queen of England when she was a week old, but was forced to abdicate her throne to her son because she had become a Catholic. She was executed for plotting against Elizabeth I.
 17 Nov 1558  CEElizabeth I ascended the English throne upon the death of Queen Mary. Upon the reign of Elizabeth I a new statement of doctrine of the Church of England was needed. The Church of England was reestablished.
    1558  CEEnglish Queen Elizabeth I ascends English throne upon death of Queen Mary.
    1558  CEElizabeth Tudor (1533-1603) became Queen Elizabeth I of England [until 1603]. She went bald at age 29 due to smallpox.
 15 Jan 1559  CEEngland's Queen Elizabeth I was crowned in Westminster Abbey and Lord Dudley soon became her favorite.
  8 May 1559  CEAn act of supremacy defined Queen Elizabeth I as the supreme governor of the church of England.
    1560  CEKing Gustavus I of Sweden died. He was succeeded by Eric XIV, who courted Queen Elizabeth.
 20 Sep 1561  CEQueen Elizabeth of England signed a treaty at Hamptan Court with French Huguenot leader Louis de Bourbon, the Prince of Conde. The English would occupy Le Harve in return for aiding Bourbon against the Catholics of France.
    1562  CEThe Huguenot leader Louis I de Bourbon signed the Treaty of Hampton Court with Queen Elizabeth that called for the English troops to occupy Dieppe and La Havre.
    1565  CEElizabeth I of England granted the nobleman Hellier de Carteret the island fiefdom of Sark, which included the island of Brecqhou in the English Channel.
 18 May 1568  CEMary Queen of Scots flees to England expecting protection but Queen Elizabeth imprisoned her.
   Jun 1568  CEEnglish queen Elizabeth I arrests and imprisons Mary Queen of Scots.
 25 Feb 1570  CEPope Pius V issued the bull Regnans in Excelsis which excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I of England and absolves her subjects from allegiance.
    1570  CENicholas Hilliard painted his famous portrait of Elizabeth I.
    1571  CEEnglish Queen Elizabeth I opens Royal Exchange in London.
    1575  CEWilliam of Orange, facing defeat, offered the sovereignty of the Netherlands to Queen Elizabeth, who declined the offer.
    1578  CEEnglish Queen Elizabeth I gives Johan Casimir 20,000 to aid the Dutch rebellion.
  5 Aug 1583  CEHumphrey Gilbert, English explorer, annexed Newfoundland in the name of Queen Elizabeth and founded the first English settlement in the New World. His colony disappeared. He drowned this same year at sea in a storm off the Azores.
   Nov 1583  CEFrancis Throckmorton (1554-1584) was arrested. He made a full confession of the Throckmorton Plot for the overthrow of Queen Elizabeth I and the restoration of papal authority in England after being tortured on the rack. He was tried and then executed on 20 July 1584.
    1585  CEElizabeth extended her protection to The Netherlands against Spain to avenge the murder of William of Orange.
    1586  CEMary Queen of Scots goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth I.
  1 Feb 1587  CEElizabeth I, Queen of England, signed the Warrant of Execution for Mary Queen of Scots.
  8 Feb 1587  CEMary, Queen of Scots was beheaded in Fotheringhay Castle for her alleged part in the conspiracy to usurp Elizabeth I.
    1587  CESir Edward Stafford, English ambassador in Paris, contacted the Spanish ambassador and offered to provide news of Queen Elizabeth's plans and to offer the English disinformation concerning Spanish plans. Stafford's brother-in-law was Lord Howard Effingham, commander in chief of the English fleet.
    1589  CESir John Harrington, Elizabethan poet, designed the first water closet and installed it at his country house near Bath. In 1596 he installed one at the palace of his godmother Queen Elizabeth I.
    1591  CETrinity College in Dublin, Ireland, was founded by Queen Elizabeth I as a Protestant institution.
  3 Aug 1592  CEThe Earl of Cumberland, et al, took the Madre de Dios, A Spanish carrack carrying the largest treasure ever captured for Queen Elizabeth. The earl's sailors got out of hand and looted items intended for the queen, including a large diamond which eventually found its way to Goldsmith's Row, London.
    1595  CEQueen Elizabeth sent Sir Francis Drake to capture treasure from a wrecked Spanish galleon stored at La Forteleza. Drake failed and returned to Panama.
 24 Feb 1601  CERobert Devereux, the second Earl of Essex and former favorite of Elizabeth I, was beheaded in the Tower of London for high treason. His plan to capture London and the Tower had failed.
    1601  CERobert Devereux, second Earl of Essex, leads his armies into London in a revolt against Queen Elizabeth I.
 24 Mar 1603  CEQueen Elizabeth I dies, Scottish King James VI becomes King James I of England.
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