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Disasters (0164-)

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Natural disasters, accidents and incidents from all around the world.

Natural disasters occur all over the Earth leading to tragic loss of life and the destruction of heritage and property.

The events that are described here are "diaasters" that are not directly attributed to the actions of mankind. Events such as earthquakes, floods and the eruption of volcanoes.

    0164  CEBeginning of the Great Plague, until 180.
c.    0200  CE(Between 200-300) Zeugma, a city on the Euphrates, in southern Turkey suffered an invasion, a devastating fire and an earthquake in quick succession and was abandoned. In 2000 the area was submerged as part of the Southeast Anatolia Project of dams for power.
    0513  CEMount Vesuvius erupts again.
 29 May 0526  CEA devastating earthquake destroyed the city of Antioch in Syria killing 250,000.
    0526  CEAntioch is struck by an Earthquake and about 250,000 die.
    0535  CEThere is some evidence that the Krakatoa volcano had a major eruption about this time. In 1869 Rangawarsita, a Javanese royal courtier, compiled the Books of Kings, which mentioned an event from the middle of the first millennium that sounded like a major eruption.
    0535  CE(535-536) John of Ephesus, a Syrian bishop, reported that the sun darkened for a period of 18 months with feeble light for only about 4 hours a day.
    0541  CE(541-750) The beginning of a pandemic of plague that swirled around the Mediterranean for more than two centuries. It killed as many as 40 million people and weakened the Byzantine Empire. At its peak in Constantinople, it was reported, that the plague killed 10,000 people a day.
    0542  CEBetween 542 and 594 the plague halved the population of Europe.
c.    0600  CEThe Joya de Ceren Maya site in El Salvador was buried beneath 16 feet of ash from nearby Loma Caldera.
    1219  CEFloods in Northern Netherlands after storm, 1,000s killed.
    1226  CEThe last megahurricane struck the gulf coast of Alabama. The megahurricane seems to happen on average every 600 years.
    1287  CEZuider Zee seawall collapses with the loss of 50,000 lives.
    1290  CEEarthquake in Gulf of Chili China, reportedly kills 100,000
    1293  CEEarthquake strikes Kamakura Japan, 30,000 killed.
    1315  CEBad weather and crop failure result in famine across northwestern Europe (1315-1316). Unsanitary conditions and malnutrition increase the death rate.
   Nov 1347  CEThe beginning of the Black Death (1347-1351) which appears during a time of economic depression in Western Europe and reoccurs frequently until the fifteenth century. The Black Death is a combination of bubonic and pneumonic plagues and has a major impact on social and economic conditions.
    1348  CEEarthquake destroys Villach, killing 5,000.
    1352  CEThe Black Death by this year had killed 25 million people in Europe alone.
    1361  CEPlague broke out again in Europe (1361-1363).
    1369  CEPlague broke out again in Europe (1369-1371).
    1374  CEPlague broke out again in Europe (1374-1375).
    1390  CEPlague broke out again in Europe.
    1393  CEFire during Royal Ball at Paris, 4 die (Ball of the Ardents).
c.    1400  CEIn Washington state the 6 yard deep Electron Mudflow came down from Mount Rainier where the town of Orting was later established.
    1421  CEZuider Zee floods 72 villages, killing an estimated 10,000 in Netherlands.
    1502  CEA hurricane nearly destroyed La Nueva Isabela and it was abandoned. The city was rebuilt on the other side of the river as Santo Domingo by the new governor, Nicholas de Ovando.
    1520  CEA smallpox epidemic raged in Vera Cruz, Mexico. The 16th century smallpox epidemic in Mexico and Central America killed about half of the Aztecs.
    1526  CEHeavy storm strikes Dutch coast and many die.
    1528  CETyphus swept through Italy and killed tens of thousands.
    1531  CEEarthquake in Lisbon Portugal, kills 20,000.
    1531  CELisbon hit by Earthquake when about 30,000 die.
    1541  CEIn Guatemala a volcano crater filled with water cracked and a mud slide engulfed the capital town of Ciudad Vieja. Over 1,000 people were buried. The volcano was named Agua from that point on.
    1542  CEA landslide on the Yangtze River cut off navigation for 82 years.
    1545  CEA typhus epidemic killed hundreds of thousands of natives and colonists in Cuba and New Spain.
    1548  CEGreat fire in Brielle, the Netherlands.
    1552  CEDutch west coast hit by heavy storm, 100s are killed.
    1554  CEGreat fire in Eindhoven Netherlands.
 24 Jan 1556  CEThe worst earthquake in history devastated China's Shansi (Shanxi) Province, killing 830,000 people.
    1556  CEMost deadly earthquake kills 830,000 in Shansi Province, China.
    1558  CEWestmunster Church in Middelburg destroyed by heavy storm.
    1559  CEStorm floods ravage Gorinchem, Dordrecht and Woudrichem in the Netherlands.
    1559  CEHenry II of France was struck in the head by a tournament lance and died. This fulfilled a prophecy by Nostradamus. The widowed queen, Catherine de Medicis, had the royal residence demolished.
    1567  CETyphoid fever swept through parts of South America and killed more than two million Indians.
    1568  CEAbdij Church in Middelburg destroyed by fire.
  2 Nov 1570  CEA tidal wave in the North Sea destroyed the sea walls from Holland to Jutland. Over a thousand people were killed.
    1573  CEGeuzen sets fire to Woudrichem.
    1575  CEPlague swept through Italy and Sicily.
    1594  CEA great famine struck Europe which was caused by four bad harvests.
    1606  CE(1606-1612) A drought in the American southeast was the worst in 770 years and caused the deaths of many Jamestown colonists in 1910.
    1618  CERodi' avalanche destroys Plurs Switzerland, when 1,500 are killed.
    1628  CETwenty-five men and women drowned when the ship, Vasa, sank in Stockholm's harbor. Vasa was the most expensive and richly ornamented warship of its time in Sweden, but she capsized and sank on her maiden voyage. She was recovered in 1961 and the skeletal remains were exhumed in 1989.
    1630  CE(1630-1631) There was a great famine in India. Records indicate that cannibalism became so rampant that human flesh was sold on the open market.
    1631  CEIn Italy, Mount Vesuvius erupts destroying 6 villages and killing 4,000.
    1633  CEThe Blessing, a ferry carrying gold and silver of King Charles I and 30 passengers, sank in Scotland's Firth of Forth.
    1643  CEHeavy earthquake strikes Santiago Chile and kills one third of the population.
    1649  CEIn Seville, Spain, one in three died of the Black Plague.
    1651  CEGreat earthquake at Cuzco Peru.
    1651  CESouth Sea dike in Amsterdam breaks after storm.
    1654  CEFire after heavy storm destroys two thirds of De Rijp in the Netherlands.
    1663  CEEarthquake in Canada.
    1663  CEGreat earthquake in New England.
    1664  CEThere was no litigation in London, England due to the Black plague.
 15 Aug 1665  CEBetween 15 August abd 22 August, The London weekly 'Bill of Mortality' recorded 5,568 fatalities. 4,237 were killed by the plaque.
    1665  CEThe Great Plague of London killed a quarter of the population, an estimated 68,000 people.
    1665  CEThe villagers of Eyam in Derbyshire, England, voluntarily isolated themselves so as not to spread the plague. 250 of 350 people died and the town became known as the Plague Village.
  2 Sep 1666  CEGreat London Fire begins in Pudding Lane when 80% of London is destroyed, including St Paul's Church.
  2 Sep 1666  CEA fire demolished about four-fifths of London which started at the house of King Charles II's baker, Thomas Farrinor. Approximately 13,200 houses, 90 churches and 50 livery company halls burned down or exploded but only claimed only 16 lives. It actually helped impede the spread of the Black Plague, as most of the disease-carrying rats were killed in the fire.
  5 Sep 1666  CEThe Fire of London was extinguished after two days.
    1667  CEEarliest recorded hurricane in America in Jamestown, Virginia.
    1669  CEMount Etna in Sicily erupts, destroying Nicolosi, killing 20,000.
 10 Jun 1682  CEThe first tornado of record in colonial America hit New Haven, Conn.
   Jan 1686  CEA storm arose and sank the ship, La Belle, of French explorer Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, in Matagorda Bay, Texas. La Salle was off searching for the Mississippi River. The wreck was discovered in 1995 and in 1996 a skeleton was bound onboard.
    1692  CEPorte Royale, in Jamaica, slides into harbor after an earthquake.
    1693  CEFamine struck northern Europe and by 1694 ten percent of the population of northern France had perished.
    1693  CEItalian Mount Etna erupts in Sicily.
    1703  CEIn England, Bristol is damaged by a hurricane and the Royal Navy loses 15 warships.
    1709  CEFamine struck Europe affecting Prussia on a great scale.
    1709  CEDike at Hardinxveld breaks (Alblasserwaard flooded).
    1709  CESudden extreme cold kills 1000s of Europeans.
  1718  CEAvalanche destroys every building in Leukerbad in Switzerland killing 53.
  1720  CEMarseille experiences 'Le Grand St Antoine' plague which kills 80,000.
  1727  CESevere earthquake in New England.
  1737  CE40 foot waves sink 20,000 small craft and kill 300,000 in Bengal in India.
  1737  CEEarthquake kills 300,000 & destroys part of Calcutta in India.
  1739  CEAbout 500,000 people died in Ireland due to widespread crop failure of potatoes.
  1755  CE30,000 people die in an earthquake in Lisbon.
  1755  CEThe worst earthquake in the Massachusetts Bay area strikes Boston. No deaths are reported.
  1759  CEDestructive eruption of Vesuvius.
  1759  CEEarthquake in Safed Palestine kills hundred.
  1760  CEGreat Fire of Boston destroys 349 buildings.
  1772  CEAmsterdam theater destroyed by fire, when 18 are killed.
  1772  CEAn explosive eruption blows 4,000 feet off Papandayan Java, kills 3,000.
  1772  CEHurricane destroy ships off Dominica.
  1775  CE4 people buried by avalanche for 37 days in Italy, 3 survive.
  1776  CEThe Great fire in New York.
  1780  CEGreat Hurricane kills 20,000 to 30,000 in the Caribbean.
  1783  CEEarthquakes ravage Calabria in Italy, killing 50,000.
  1783  CELaki Volcano in southern Iceland begins 8-month eruption.
  1784  CEOnly known deaths by hailstones in US, in Winnsborough.
  1785  CETwo French balloonists die in the world's first fatal aviation accident.
  1788  CEFire destroyed 856 buildings in New Orleans, Los Angeles.
  1797  CEEarthquake in Quito, Ecuador kills 40,000.
  1803  CEGreat fire in Bombay, India.
  1805  CESailing ship 'Aeneus' sinks off Newfoundland killing 340.
  1805  CEThe first recorded tornado in the US 'Tornado Alley' in Southern Illinois.
  1806  CEA side of Rossberg Peak collapses into Goldau Valley in Switzerland, killing 500.
  1807  CE17 die and 15 are wounded in a crush to witness execution of Holloway, Heggerty and Elizabeth Godfrey in England.
  1807  CEA gunpowder ship explodes in Leiden in the Netherlands and 150 die.
  1811  CEthe most violent and prolonged earthquakes in the US began in the Midwest region.
 Sep 1812  CEThe Fire of Moscow.
  1812  CEAn 7.8 earthquake shakes New Madrid, Missouri.
  1812  CEAn 8.2 earthquake shakes New Madrid MO.
  1812  CEA rare tornado hits Westchester County, New York.
  1812  CEEarthquake destroys Caracas in Venezuela - about 20,000 die.
  1814  CEVolcano Mayon on Luzon Philippines erupts killing 1,200.
  1815  CEEruption of Tambora volcano (Sumbawa Java).
  1816  CECrop failure was widespread in Europe resulting in food riots in England, France and Belgium.
  1816  CETeatro San Carlo in Naples destroyed by fire.
  1817  CEBritish freighter Diana sinks off Malaysia.
  1817  CEFirst cholera pandemic begins.
  1821  CEParamaribo in Suriname catches fire and 4 die.
  1822  CE2nd eruption of Galunggung (Java) destroys summit of mountain.
  1822  CEThe first eruption of Galunggung (Java) sends boiling sludge into the valley.
  1824  CEFire at a Cairo ammunitions dump kills 4,000 horses in Egypt.
  1824  CESeries of fires kills 10 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  1825  CEThe Dutch North Sea coast floods.
  1825  CEUnseasonable hurricane hits New York City.
  1828  CE18-gun sloop 'Acorn' sinks off Halifax with 115 men aboard.
  1830  CEThe Great fire in New Orleans. It was thought to be set by rebel slaves.
  1833  CEThe 'Lady-of-the-Lake' strikes an iceberg and sinks in the North Atlantic killing 215.
16 Oct 1834  CEThe British Houses of Parliment are destroyed by fire.
  1834  CEThe Mount Vesuvius volcano erupts.
  1835  CEConcepcion in Chile is destroyed by earthquake.
  1835  CEFire consumes over 600 buildings in New York City.
  1836  CEthe worst English avalanche kills 8 of 15 who were buried in Lewes, Sussex.
  1837  CEAppearance of Racer's Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.
  1837  CEEarthquake in southern Syria kills thousands.
  1837  CESteamboat 'Home' sinks off Okracoke, North Carolina, killing 100.
  1838  CEFire destroys half of Charleston.
  1839  CEA two-day storm off the Irish and English coast is immortalized as 'The Big Wind'.
  1839  CEEarthquake at Martinique destroys half of Port Royal, 700 die.
  1839  CEThe Great fire in New York.
  1840  CETornado strikes Natchez, killing 317.
  1841  CEGreat Lakes steamer 'Erie' sinks off Silver Creek New York, killing 300 people.
22 Nov 1842  CEMount St Helens in Washington, erupts.
  1842  CEIn Germany, a city-wide fire burns for over 100 hours in Hamburg.
  1842  CEVersailles to Paris train catches fire when 50 die.
  1843  CEMount Rainier in Washington State erupts.
  1844  CEA 12-inch gun aboard the USS Princeton explodes.
  1845  CEThe start of the Irish Potato Famine in which 15 million people emigrated.
  1845  CEPotato blight was imported to Europe from the Americas and by 1846 the potato crop in Ireland had totally failed. In 1841 the Irish population was about 8 million but about 1 million people died and another 1 million emigrated.
  1845  CEA Fire in Québec Canada destroys 1,500 houses.
  1845  CEFire kills 1,600 in a popular theater in Canton China.
  1845  CEMore than 1,000 buildings are damaged by fire in Pittsburgh, Pennsilvania.
  1847  CEThe steamer 'Phoenix' is lost on Lake Michigan, killing 200.
  1849  CEFire destroys Centrum in St Louis in the US.
  1850  CEIreland's SS Royal Adelaide sinks in storm and 200 die.
  1850  CEPaddle-wheeler ship 'G P Griffith' burns off Mentor in Ohio and 206 die.
  1850  CERangoon, in Burma, is destroyed by fire.
  1851  CEFire devastates the Library of Congress in Washington destroying 35,000 volumes.
  1851  CEThe first major San Fransisco fire when 30 people die.
  1852  CEBritish frigate HMS Birkenhead sinks off South Africa when 458 die.
  1852  CESteamer 'Atlantic' collides with fishing boat and sinks with 250 aboard.
  1853  CEThe emigrant ship 'Annie Jane' sinks off Scotland, drowning 348.
  1853  CEThe first major US rail disaster kills 46 in Norwalk, Connecticut.
  1854  CESan Salvador isdestroyed by an earthquake.
  1854  CEThe steamship 'City of Glasgow' leaves Liverpool harbor and is never seen again.
  1854  CEThe Steamship 'Long Beach' sinks off Long Beach New York, 311 die.
  1854  CESteamship 'Arctic' sank with 300 people aboard.
  1854  CESteamship 'San Francisco' is wrecked and 300 die.
  1854  CEThe 'New Era' sinks off New Jersey coast with loss of 300 lives.
  1855  CEThe clipper 'Guiding Star' disappears in the Atlantic when 480 die.
  1856  CEA hurricane washes away 2,300 revelers at Last Island, Louisiana.
  1856  CEThe Liverpool-New York steamer, John Rutledge, hits an iceberg and many die.
  1856  CEThe steamer 'Pacific' is lost.
  1857  CEThe 'Central America' sinks off Cape Romain and 423 die.
  1857  CEA 7.9 earthquake shakes Fort Tejon in California.
  1857  CEEarthquake hits Tokyo when about 107,000 die.
  1857  CEEarthquake in Naples, Italy.
  1859  CEThe 'Pomona' sinks in the North Atlantic drowning all 400 aboard.
  1860  CEComanche in Iowa is destroyed by one of a series of tornadoes.
  1860  CEExcursion steamer 'Lady Elgin' sinks drowning 340 in Lake Michigan.
  1861  CEThe steeple of Chichester Cathedral is blown down during a storm.
  1862  CEMuch of Enschede in the Netherlands is destroyed by fire.
  1863  CEAt the Church of La Compana, Santiago Chile, 2,500 people reported killed.
  1864  CEDale Dike on Humber River crumbles drowning some 240 prople.
  1864  CEFire in Rotterdam Netherlands damages Museum Boymans.
  1864  CEThe US Grand Trunk Railway accident when 100 are killed.
  1864  CEMost of Calcutta destroyed by cyclone and kills approx 60,000.
  1865  CEThe steam ship 'Sultana' explodes on the Mississippi River, killing 1,450 paroled Union POWs.
  1865  CEEarthquake in Santa Cruz Mountains.
  1865  CESS General Lyon at Cape Hatteras catches fire and sinks, killing 400.
  1866  CEImmigrant ship 'Monarch of the Seas' sinks in Liverpool and 738 die.
  1866  CENitroglycerine at Wells Fargo & Co office explodes.
  1866  CEThe steamship 'London' sinks in storm off Land's End, England, killing 220.
  1867  CEThe Hawaiian volcano 'Great Mauna Loa' erupts.
  1867  CEThe 'Rhone' & 'Wye' capsizes off St Thomas Virgin Islands.
  1868  CEEarthquake destroys Arica in Chile.
  1868  CEEarthquake kill 25,000 in Peru and Equador
  1868  CESevere earthquake, centered in Hayward, California.
  1869  CEMine fire kills 179 at Avondale, Pennsylvania.
  1870  CEThe 'City of Boston' vanishes at sea with all 177 aboard.
  1871  CEGreat Fire kills 200, destroys over 4 miles (10 km) of Chicago buildings, burns for 16-hours and injures 30 of Chicago's 185 firefighters.
  1871  CEHurricane kills 300 in Labrador.
  1872  CEA 7.8 earthquake shakes Owens Valley, California.
  1872  CEFire destroys nearly 1,000 buildings in Boston.
  1872  CEThe Mary Celeste sails from New York to Genoa. It is found abandoned 4 weeks later with nobody aboard.
  1873  CEThe British SS Northfleet sinks at Dungeness England when 300 die.
  1873  CEBritish White Star steamship Atlantic sinks off Nova Scotia when 547 people die.
  1873  CEThe steamer 'Atlantic' sank off Nova Scotia drowning 481.
  1875  CEEarthquake in Venezuela and Colombia kills 16,000.
  1875  CEGerman SS Schiller sinks near Scilly Islands and 312 people are killed.
  1875  CEThe 'Pacific' collides with the 'Orpheus' off Cape Flattery Wash when 236 people die.
  1876  CEFire at a Brooklyn Theater kills 295 people who are trampled or burned to death.
  1877  CEStorm flood ravages Dutch coastal provinces.
  1878  CEBritish frigate Eurydice sinks and 300 people are lost.
  1878  CEGerman battleship Grosser Kurfürst sinks, 284 people are killed.
  1879  CEBritish battleship 'Thunder' explodes in the Gulf of Ismid when 9 people die.
  1879  CEThe North British Railway's train falls as Firth bridge collapses in Scotland.
  1881  CEThe Canadian ferry 'Princess Victoria' sinks near London Ontario, when 200 people die.
  1881  CEA Gas lamp sets fire to a French opera house in Nice when 70 people die.
  1881  CETriple landslides bury Elm in Switzerland.
  1881  CEVienna's Ring Theater is destroyed by fire, killing between 640 and 850 people.
  1882  CEA cyclone in the Arabian Sea near Bombay in India, drowns 100,000 people.
  1882  CEA tornado in the US kills 130 in Iowa.
  1883  CEA fire at the Newhall Hotel in Milwaukee kills 71 people. General Tom Thumb of P T Barnum fame, escapes unhurt.
  1883  CEA fire in circus Ferroni in Berditschoft in Poland kills 430 people.
  1883  CEKrakatoa, west of Java, explodes with the equivalent force of a 1,300 megaton atomic bomb and kills 36,000.
  1883  CESeismic sea waves created by the Krakatoa eruption create a rise in the English Channel 32 hrs after the explosion.
  1884  CETornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana kill 800 people.
  1886  CEA fire destroys nearly 1,000 buildings in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  1886  CEA hurricane and sea surge kills 250 people in Indianola, Texas.
  1886  CEThe first major earthquake in eastern US, is recorded at Charleston.
  1887  CEAn excursion train crashes killing 101 people at Chatsworth in Illinois.
  1887  CEThe French/Italian Riviera is struck by an earthquake when 2,000 people die.
  1887  CEA gas lamp at the Paris Opera catches fire and 200 people die.
  1888  CEA ferry in San Pablo Bay explodes.
  1888  CEHailsones kill 246 people in Moradabad, India.
  1888  CEA teetotalers excursion train is crushed, killing 64 people.
  1888  CEThe US Great Blizzard of 1888 strikes the northeast US.
  1889  CE6 US & German warships perish in harbor of Apia Samoa, 200 die
  1889  CEA flood ravages the Dutch coast.
  1889  CEThe Great Fire in Seattle destroys 25 downtown blocks.
  1889  CEThe Johnstown Flood when 2,209 die in Pennsylvania.
  1889  CEA single tornado kills 119, injures 146 in New Richmond, Wisconsin.
  1890  CEThe Turkish frigate 'Ertogrul' burns off of Japan, killing 540 people.
  1891  CEBritish Steamer 'Utopia' sinks off Gibraltar killing 574 people.
  1891  CEEarthquake strikes Mino-Owari in Japan killing 7,300 people.
  1891  CEMine explosion kills 109 at Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
  1891  CEThe US Great Blizzard of 1891 begins.
  1893  CEUS hurricane kills 1,800 people in Mississippi.
  1893  CEHeavy rain washes 'quick clay' into a deep valley, killing 111 people in Norway.
  1894  CE11 strikers killed in riot at Connellsville, Penn
  1894  CEThe Columbus World's fair in Chicago was destroyed by fire.
  1894  CEFire in Boston destroys baseball stadium & 170 other buildings
  1894  CEThe Great fire in Shanghai which destroyed over 1,000 buildings.
  1895  CEThe Spanish cruiser Reina Regenta sinks at Gibraltar when 400 peple were killed.
  1895  CEThe SS Elbe sinks after a collision in the North Sea. 332 people were killed.
  1896  CEThe first major tornado to strike urban US at St Louis killing 255 people and leaving thousands homeless.
  1896  CEA tornado kills 78 people in Texas.
  1896  CEA tsunami strikes a Shinto festival on the beach at Sanriku Japan. 27,000 people are killed and 9,000 are injured, with 13,000 houses destroyed.
  1897  CEA fire in a Paris bazaar at Rue Jean Goujon kills 200 people.
  1897  CEOne of the severe earthequakes in history strikes Assam in India. The shock waves are felt over an area size of Europe but thre is a negligible death toll.
  1898  CESide-wheeler 'Portland' sinks off Cape Cod when 190 people die.
  1899  CEThe second earthquake in 7 days hits Yakutat Bay in Alaska.
  1899  CEBrazo River in Texas floods to 12 miles wide causing $10 million damage.
  1899  CEThe Windsor luxury hotel in New York City catches fire and 92 people die.
  1900  CEFour German liners burn at Hobokon Docks New Jersey when 326 people die.
  1900  CE6,000 killed when a hurricane and tidal wave destroys Galveston, Texas.
  1900  CEPremature blast collapses mine tunnel killing 200 at Scofield in Utah.
  1900  CESteamer 'Rio de Janeiro' sinks in San Francisco Bay.
22 Feb 1901  CEA mail steamer sinks in San Francisco Harbour.
24 Apr 1901  CE200 killed in chemical explosion in Griesheim Germany.
24 May 1901  CE78 miners die in Caerphilly pit disaster in South Wales.
  1901  CEFire destroyed 1,700 buildings in Jacksonville, Florida.
  1902  CEThe British 'SS Camorta' sinks off Rangoon when 739 people die.
  1902  CEAn earthquake destroys the Turkish city of Tochangri.
  1902  CEMount Pelée erupts and wipes out St Pierre in Martinique killing 30,000 people.
  1902  CEThe Soufriere volcano on St Vincent kills 2-5,000 people.
  1903  CEA fire at Chicago's Iriquois Theater kills 602 people.
  1903  CERhodes Opera House burns down in in Boyertown Pensylvannia, killing 170 people.
  1904  CE179 people die in a coal mine explosion at Cheswickin in Pensilvania.
  1904  CEBaltimore catches fire and 1500 buildings destroyed over 80 blocks.
  1905  CEA cyclone hit Tahiti and the adjacent islands, killing 10,000 people.
  1905  CEAn earthquake in Kangra in India, kills 370,000 people.
  1906  CEA coal dust explosion kills 1,060 people at Courrieres in France.
  1906  CEHeavy storm bursts a dike flooding Vlissingen in the Netherlands.
  1906  CEA San Francisco earthquake and fire kills nearly 4,000 people and destroys 75% of the city.
  1906  CEAn earthquake in Colombia is recorded as 8.6 on the Richter scale.
  1907  CE239 workers died in a coal mine explosion in Jacobs Creek Pensilvania, USA.
  1907  CEBubonic Plague breaks out in San Fransisco.
  1907  CEA coal mine explosion in Monongah West Virginia, USA, kills 361 people.
  1907  CEAn explosion at Yolande Alabama, coal mine kills 91 people.
  1907  CEPassenger ship 'Larchmont' sinks by Block Island and 322 people die.
  1907  CESS Berlin sinks off Hoek van Holland Netherlands when 142 people die.
  1908  CE154 men die in coal mine explosion at Marianna, Pennsilvania.
  1908  CEIn Collingwood, Ohio, in the US, a primary school catches fire and 180 people die.
  1908  CEA dirigible explodes over San Fransisco Bay, 16 passengers fall, but none die.
  1908  CEAn earthquake strikes Messina in Italy when 80,000 people die.
  1908  CEA fire makes 17,000 people homeless in Chelsea, Massachusetts.
  1908  CEA giant fireball impacts in Central Siberia (Tunguska Event).
  1909  CE259 miners die in a fire at St Paul Mine at Cherry in Illinois.
  1910  CEIn the US, when two trains crash in a snow storm in Wellington, 118 people die.
  1910  CE3 passenger trains atre buried in a snowslide at Steven's Pass in Cascade Range in the US. 118 people die.
  1910  CEGreat Idaho Fire destroys 3 million acres of timber.
  1910  CEThe first 2 aircraft collision happened in Milan, Italy.
  1911  CEA two year famine began in Russia and while people starved and died the country continued exporting a fifth of its annual grain production.
  1911  CEGreat fire destroys downtown Constantinople (Istanbul) in Turkey.
10 Apr 1912  CEThe Titanic sets sail from Southampton heading for New York on its first and last voyage.
15 Apr 1912  CEThe Titanic, on route from Southampton to New York with 2,200 passengers, strikes Iceburg off the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia at 11:40pm on 14 April, and sinks at 2:27am the following day, killing over 1,500.
  1912  CEThe 'Kiche Maru' sinks off Japan, killing 1,000 people.
  1912  CEThe cone of Mount Katmai, in Alaska, collapses.
  1912  CESpanish steamer 'Principe de Asturias' sinks northeast of Spain, 500 peple die.
  1912  CESteamers collide on the Nile, drowning 200 people.
  1913  CEThe 10 Day Tragedy of Mexico-City when 3,000 people die.
  1913  CEA coal mine explosion kills 263 in the US at Dawson in New Mexico.
  1913  CEThe US town of Dayton in Ohio is almost destroyed when the Scioto, Miami, & Muskingum Rivers reach flood stage simultaneously. 400 people died.
  1913  CEThe storm 'Freshwater Fury' sinks 8 ore-carriers on the US Great Lakes.
  1914  CE181 die in coal mine collapse at Eccles WV
  1914  CE33 killed by soldiers during mine strike in Ludlow, Colo
  1914  CEA ship rams the Canadian ship 'Empress of Ireland' on the St Lawrence River and 1024 people die.
  1915  CE800 die as excursion steamer Eastland capsizes in Chicago
  1915  CEA hurricane claims 275 in the Mississippi Delta
  1915  CEAn earthquake in Avezzano Italy kills 30,000 people.
  1915  CEHurricane kills 275 in Galveston, Texas with $50 million damage
  1915  CEThe first submarine disaster; a US F-4 sank off Hawaii, killing 21
  1915  CETrain crashes at Colima-Guadalajara Mexico, about 600 people die.
  1916  CECanada's original Parliament building, in Ottawa, burns down.
  1916  CECodell KS hit by tornado (also on same date in 1917 & 1918)
  1916  CESteamer 'Hsin Iu' sinks off China coast, 1,000 drown
  1917  CE4 day series of tornadoes kills 211 in Midwest US
  1917  CEBritish Mendi sinks off Isle of Wight, 627 die
  1917  CEMunition factory explosion at Eddystone PA, kills 133 workers
  1918  CE97 die in NYC subway's worst accident
  1918  CECanadian steamship "Princess Sophia" hit a reef off Alaska, 398 die
  1918  CECloquet Minn & 25 other communities destroyed by forest fire, 559 die
  1918  CEStands at Hong Kong Jockey Club collapse & burn, killing 604
  1918  CETNT explosion in chemical factory in Oakdale PA kills 200
  1919  CEHurricane tides 16 feet above normal drown 280 along Gulf Coast.
  1919  CEMount Kelud on Java in Indonesia erupts with a boiling crater lake. The lava broke through crater wall killing 5,000 people in 104 small villages.
  1920  CEFrench passenger ship Afrique sinks near La Rochelle when 553 people die.
  1920  CEOver 180,000 die when an earthquake destroys 15,000 miles in Kansu, China.
  1921  CEA sudden cloudburst kills 120 near Pikes Peak, Colorado.
  1921  CEA gas generator explodes at Bradishe Aniline chemical works in Germany.
  1921  CEA hurricane hits Washington and Oregon.
  1921  CEThe steamer 'Hong Kong' runs aground off Swatow China killing 1,000 people.
  1922  CEThe airship 'Rome' explodes at Hampton Roads Virginia and 34 people die.
  1922  CEThe 'Egypt' sinks off Ushant after colliding with the 'Seine' killing 90 people.
  1923  CEA coal mine explosion at Dawson in the US kills 120 people.
  1923  CEEarthquake strikes Tokyo and Yokohama killing 106,000 people.
  1924  CE119 people die in Benwood West Virginia coal mine disaster.
  1924  CEIn teh US, a tornado strikes Sandusky Ohio and Lorain Ohio, killing 93 people.
  1927  CEFire in Laurier Palace cinema in Montreal, 78 children died
  1929  CEFire in X-ray film stock kills 125 at Crile Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
  1929  CEA large earthquake in the Atlantic breaks the Transatlantic cable in 28 places.
  1930  CEFire at Ohio State Penitentiary kills 320
  1934  CEFire destroys Hakodate Japan (kills 1,500, injures 1,000)
  1939  CE17 villages damaged by hailstones in Hyderabad India
  1942  CE"Queen Mary" slices cruiser "Curacao" in half, killing 338
  1942  CECyclone in Bay of Bengal kills some 40,000 south of Calcutta India
  1942  CETornado destroys Pryor Oklahoma killing 100, injuring 300
  1942  CETornado kills 35 in Oklahoma City
  1942  CETrain crashes into bus, killing 16 & injuring 20 (Detroit Michigan)
  1943  CEFire in decrepit old Gulf Hotel kills 45 (Houston Texas)
  1944  CEMount Vesuvius, Italy explodes
  1946  CETrain derailment kills 185 near Aracaju Brazil
  1946  CEUnited flight 521 crashes on takeoff at LaGuardia Airport (New York) 42 die
  1947  CEChemical mixing error causes explosion that destroys 42 blocks in Los Angeles CA
  1947  CEEastern DC-4 crashes between Port Deposit & Perryville MD, kills 53
  1947  CEGreek steamer "Himara" strikes a wartime mine in Saronic Gulf south of Athens with loss of 392 of 637 aboard
  1947  CEMassive explosion & fire kills 500 in Texas City, Tx
  1947  CEMississippi Valley flooding kills 16 & causes $850 million in damage
  1948  CE20 die & 6,000 made ill by smog in Donora Pennsylvania
  1949  CEFire in riverfront area kills 1,700 (Chungking China)
  1949  CESteamer "Noronic" burns at pier killing 128 (Toronto Canada)
  1950  CE8.6 quake kills over 1,000 in Assam, India.
  1950  CEBelgium mine disaster at Borinage, 39 die.
  1950  CESwedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die.
  1951  CEEarthquake at Euskirchen, Germany
  1952  CEDutch DC-6 crashes near Frankfurt, killing 44
  1953  CEAbout 100 die in Worcester MA tornado
  1953  CEEarthquake strikes West Turkey, 250 die
  1953  CETyphoon destroys 1/3 of Nagoya Japan
  1954  CE12 second shock kills 1,460 in Orleansville Algeria
  1954  CEHurricane Carol (1st major named storm) hits New England, 70 die
  1954  CEHurricane Edna (2nd of 1954) hits NYC, $50 million damage
  1954  CEHurricane Hazel (3rd of 1954) becomes most severe to hit US
  1954  CETyphoon strikes Kakodate Bay Japan, killing over 1,600
  1955  CEHurricane Connie begins pounding US for 11 days
  1955  CESoviet battleship "Novorossiisk" strikes WW II mine in Baltic Sea
  1955  CETime bomb aboard United DC-6 kills 44 above Longmont Colorado
  1956  CE30 die in a train crash in Los Angeles
  1956  CEAircraft carrier "Bennington" burns off Rhode Island, killing 103
  1956  CEEast Pakistan struck by cyclone & tidal waves
  1956  CEUnited DC-7 & TWA collide over Grand Canyon killing 128
  1957  CE300 die as express train hits stalled train (Montgomery W Pakistan)
  1957  CE390 die by Hurricane Audrey in coastal La & Tx
  1957  CE8.1 earthquake shakes Andreanof Islands, Alaska
  1958  CE48 die in a train crash in Elizabethport NJ
  1959  CETyphoon Vera, hits Japanese island of Honshu, kills nearly 5,000
  1960  CE134 die as United DC-8 & TWA Super Constellation collide over Staten Island, NYC
  1960  CE2 passenger trains collided at high-speed killing 110 in Czeckslovakia.
  1960  CEChartered C46 carrying US California State's American football team crashes, kills 16.
  1960  CECoal mine of Johnburg caves-in, 417 die
  1960  CEDisaster on USSR launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin & team (unconfirmed). The USSR claimed he was killed in plane crash.
  1960  CEEarthquake kills one third of Agadir Morocco population when 12,000 die in 15 seconds.
  1960  CEEastern AL Electra turbo-prop crashed in Boston Harbor (61 die)
  1960  CEFire aboard USS Constellation, under construction at Brooklyn when 50 die.
  1960  CEFire in movie theater kills 152 children in Amude, Spain.
  1960  CEThe French freighter "La Coubre" explodes in Havana Cuba, killing 100.
  1960  CEA house packed with wedding celebrants collapses killing 30 in Pakistan.
  1960  CERock falls traps 437 at Coalbrook South Africa, 417 die of methane poisoning
  1960  CEVirtually all coastal towns between 37th & 44th parallels severely damaged by tsunami that strikes Hilo HI.
  1961  CEA believed extinct volcanco erupts in Tristan da Cunha.
  1961  CEBritish liner 'Dara' explodes in Persian Gulf, kills 236.
  1961  CEDutch DC-8 crashes after takeoff at Lisbon, 62 die.
  1961  CEHurricane Carla strikes Texas with winds of 175 mph.
  1961  CELandslide in USSR, kills 145.
  1961  CEMine cave-in in Japan, kills 72.
  1961  CEVolcano eruptions on Tristan de Cunha (South Atlantic).
  1962  CE4,000 die in avalanche, Ranrahirca, Perú.
  1962  CEAir France Boeing 707 crashes on takeoff from Paris, kills 130.
  1962  CEAmerican Airlines 707 plunges nose first into Jamaica Bay NY killing 95.
  1962  CEDutch express train crashes into slow commuter train, 91 die (Netherlands).
  1962  CEEarthquake results in 10,000 dead western Iran.
  1962  CEEruptions on Mount Huascaran in Peru destroy 7 villages & kill 3,500.
  1962  CEExpress train crashed into wreckage of a commuter train and a freight, killing 163, injuring 400 in Tokyo.
  1962  CEGas explosion in Luisanthal coal mine Voelklingen Germany kills 298.
  1962  CEUS Super-Constellation disappears above Pacific Ocean, kills 167.
  1962  CEVolcano Huascaran in Peru, erupts; 4,000 die.
  1963  CE450 die in a coal-dust explosion & 160 die in train crash (Japan)
  1963  CECyclone hits Chittagong, Bangladesh; estimated 22,000 die & 1 million houses destroyed
  1963  CEEruptions of Mount Agung Bali, kills 1,500 Balinese
  1963  CELandslide into Vaiont Dam emptys lake, kills 3-4,000 (Italy)
  1963  CELeaking propane gas explodes, kills 64 at "Holiday on Ice" (Indiana)
  1963  CEWorst Canadian air disaster kills 118 in Montreal
  1964  CEEarthquake strikes Anchorage AK, 9.2 on Richter scale, 131 die from earthquake and resulting tsunami; this is the most violent eathquake in US history
  1964  CEEarthquake strikes Niigata Japan
  1964  CEFire in Wégimond Belgium resort, kills 19
  1964  CEPanic in Lima Peru soccer stadium, kills 300
  1964  CETyphoon Gloria strikes Taiwan killing 330, with $17.5 million damage
  1965  CE3rd cyclone of year kills another 10,000 at mouths of Ganges River, Bangladesh
  1965  CEEarthquake hits Seattle; 5 die
  1965  CEEastern DC-7B crashes into Atlantic off Jones Beach NJ, kills 84
  1965  CEExplosion at Fukuoka, Japan kills 237 coal miners
  1965  CEFire & explosion at Dhori mine in Dhanbad India kills 400
  1965  CEFireworks explosions kill 50 in Cartagena, Colombia
  1965  CEGas explosion kills 28 in apartment complex (La Salle, Quebec)
  1965  CELava flows kill at least 350 (Taal Phillipines)
  1965  CEPakistani Boeing 720-B crashes at Cairo Egypt, killing 121
  1965  CEPontoon ferry overturned on Shire River Malawi, kills 150
  1966  CE144 die as a coal waste landslide engulfs a school in S Wales
  1966  CE550 die in landslides in mountains behind Rio de Janeiro after rain
  1966  CE75 MPH air currents cause BOAC 707 crash above Mount Fuji, 124 die
  1966  CEAll-Nippon Airways 727 crashes off Haneda Airport (Japan); kills 133
  1966  CEBombay-NY Air India flight crashes into Mont Blanc (Switz), 117 die
  1966  CECanadian Pacific airliner explodes on landing in Tokyo, 64 die
  1967  CE2 homemade buses collided on a mountain road in Terpate, Philippines plunging off a cliff, killing 84, injuring 140
  1967  CE6.5 earthquake of Kolya Dam India, kills 200
  1967  CEEarthquake in Sicily kills 231
  1967  CEFire at L'Innovation department store kills 322 (Brussels, Belgium)
  1967  CEOil tanker Torrey Canyon hits a rock off the Isles of Scilly Cornwall UK & spills oil
  1967  CESevere brush fires in Tasmania destroy $11 million & 60 lives
  1968  CEEarthquake kills 47 in Japan
  1968  CEFerry boat sinks in harbor of Wellington New Zealand (200 killed)
  1969  CEAllegheny 853 collides with Piper Cherokee above Indiana, kills 82
  1969  CEViasa DC-9 crashes at Maracaibo's Grano de Oro airport, killing 155
  1970  CE1,086 die when 7.3 earthquake destroys 254 villages (Gediz Turkey)
  1970  CE70 die in a snow crush (France)
  1970  CEAt 03:23 PM, Yungay Peru levelled by 7.75 earthquake (50-70,000 die)
  1970  CECyclone kills estimated 300,000 in Chittagong Bangladesh
  1970  CEDiscotheque in Grenoble France burns, all exits padlocked & 142 die
  1970  CEDominican DC-9 crashes into sea at Santo Domingo, kills 102
  1970  CEDry powder avalanche moving at 120 mph smashes into youth hostel killing 40 Belgian, French, & German youths (Val d'Isere, France)
  1970  CEFerryboat capsized in Korean Strait drowning 261
  1970  CEFrench submarine "Eurydice" explodes
  1970  CEPeruvian Airlines jet carrying 45 US exchange students explodes
  1970  CEPlane carrying Wichita State U football team crashes killing 30
  1970  CEStalled commuter train rammed by express in Argentina, 139 die
  1971  CE200 die in landslide into Lake Yanahuani, Chungar Peru
  1971  CEA commuter bus plunges into Panama Canal, killing 38 of 43 aboard
  1971  CEAir West filght 706 collides with Navy Phantom jet over LA, 50 die
  1971  CEAlaskan 727 crashes into Chilkoot Mountain, kills 109 (Alaska)
  1971  CEEarthquake in San Fernando Valley kills 65 & causes over $½ billion damage
  1971  CEGovernment exhibit under construction collapses, kills 65 in Brazil
  1971  CEMount Etna erupts in Sicily, Italy.
  1971  CEPeruvian Airlines Electra crashes at headwaters of Amazon, killing all except Juliane Margaret Koepcke found 10 days later
  1971  CEWorst hotel fire in history kills 163 at Taeyokale Hotel in Seoul
  1972  CE14 inches of rain in 6 hrs burst Rapid City SD dam, drowns 200
  1972  CE16 plane crash survivors rescued after 70d, survived by cannibalism
  1972  CE19 mountain climbers killed on Japan's Mount Fuji during an avalanche
  1972  CE7.0 earthquake kills 1/5 of population of Iranian province of Fars
  1972  CEAeroflot Il-18 crashes near Black Sea resort of Sochi, kills 105
  1972  CEAeroflot Il-62 crashes in large pond outside Moscow, 176 die
  1972  CEAlitalia DC-8 crashes west of Palermo Sicily; killing 115
  1972  CEAntique F86 Sabrejet fails to takeoff at air show, kills 22
  1972  CEBus plunges into Nile River killing 50 pilgrims (Minia Egypt)
  1972  CEChemical spill with fog sickens hundreds in Meuse Valley Belgium
  1972  CEConvair 990A charter crashes in Tenerife Canary Island, 155 die
  1972  CEDanish airliner hit mountain in Sheikdom of Oman killing 112
  1972  CEEarthquake destroys central Managua, Nicaragua
  1972  CEEast German Aeroflot Illyushin 62 crashes near Moscow, killing 156
  1972  CEEastern Tristar Jumbo Jet crashes near Everglades killing 101
  1972  CEElectrical fire in Sunshine Silver mine - 126 die (Kellogg Idaho)
  1972  CEExplosion at world's largest coal mine kills 427 (Wankie Rhodesia)
  1972  CEIberian Airlines crashes into 800' peak on island of Ibiza, 104 die
  1972  CEIllegal fireworks factory explodes killing 15 (Rome Italy)
  1972  CERock fall inside Vierzy Tunnel (France) causes 2 train crash; 107 die
  1972  CEUnited Airlines airplane crashes at Chicago's Midway Airport killing 45
  1972  CEUruguay to Chile plane crashes in Andes Mountain, (12/23 rescue)
  1973  CE6.8 earthquake centered in Oaxaca State in Mexico kills 527
  1973  CEFerryboat capsized off coast of Equador, drowning 200
  1973  CEFire at Taiyo department store, kills 101 & injures 84 (Kumamoto Japan)
  1973  CEFlash fire kills 51 at amusement park. (Isle of Man, UK)
  1973  CEGas tank on US Staten Island explodes, 40 die
  1973  CEJordan Air crash at Kano, Nigeria kills 176 Moslem pilgrims
  1974  CEAirport terminal roof collapses killing 17 (Teheran Iran)
  1974  CEApproximately 140 die when suspension bridge collapses (Nepal)
  1974  CECyclone Tracy virtually destroys Darwin Australia
  1974  CEDutch DC-8 charter crashes in Sri Lanka killing 191 Moslem pilgrims
  1974  CEExplosion & fire destory Great Northern RR yard in Wenatchee, Wash
  1974  CEExpress train runs full speed into Zagreb, Yugo rail yard killing 153
  1974  CEFall of earth and rocks kills 200 in Quebrada Blanca Canyon, Columbia.
  1974  CEFire kills 189 in less than 25 min (Sao Paulo Brazil)
  1974  CEMore than 5,200 people killed in Pakistan earthquake
  1974  CEMount Etna erupts in Sicily, Italy.
  1974  CEPan Am 707 crashes into mountains of Bali, killing 107
  1974  CEWorst fire in Argentine history destroys 1.2 million acres
  1975  CE113 killed in Eastern Boeing 727 crash at JFK
  1975  CE2 passenger trains collided near Munich Germany killing 35
  1975  CE500 drown when 2 river boats collide & sink in China's West River
  1975  CE6.8 earthquake along Anatolian Fault kills over 2,000 in Lice Turkey
  1975  CEChartered 707 crashes in Atlas Mts of Morocco, 188 die
  1975  CEEastern 727 crashes at JFK Airport NY, kills 113
  1975  CEExplosion at Chasnala Colliery collapses drowning 350 (Dhanbad India)
  1975  CEFarm truck packed with wedding party struck by a train, killing 66 in truck, 40 miles south of Poona India
  1975  CEFire in prison hospital kills 10 prisoners & 1 guard (Sanford Fla)
  1975  CEGas stove explodes & starts fire killing 138 (Mecca Saudi Arabia)
  1975  CEIl-62 crashes south of Damascus, Syria, killing 126
  1975  CEMexico City's 1st major subway accident takes 26 lives
  1975  CEUSAF transport carrying orphans from Saigon crashes killing 155
  1975  CEWorst motor vehicle disaster in UK; bus full of elderly women plunges from Dibble's Bridge Yorkshire, killing 38
  1976  CE2 airliners collide over Yugoslavia, kills all 176 aboard
  1976  CE7.5 earthquake kills 22,778 in Guatemala & Honduras
  1976  CE70 die as Norwegian tanker Frosta collides with George Prince
  1976  CEEarthquake in Uzbekistan: 1000's killed
  1976  CEOil tanker Urqui Ola explodes off Spanish coast
  1977  CE165 killed in a fire at Beverly Hills Supper Club in Kentucky
  1977  CE2 Boeing 747s by Pan Am & KLM collide in Canary Islands, killing 582
  1977  CE42 die in fire inmate causes at Maury County Jail in Columbia Tenn
  1977  CE583 die in aviation's worst disaster KLM-Pan Am 747 crash, Tenerife
  1977  CEA nightclub fire in Cincinnati killed 164
  1977  CEEarthquake in Romania, kills 1,541
  1977  CEEarthquake in San Francisco CA, at 5.0, strongest since 1966
  1977  CEFire in hotel Duc de Brabant Brussels, kills 19
  1977  CEHeavy blizzard in New England claims 100 lives
  1977  CEOil tanker explosion west of Honolulu spills 31 million gallons
  1978  CE183 die as Icelandic Airlines DC-8 crashes in Colombo, Sri Lanka
  1978  CE25,000 die in 7.7 earthquake in Iran
  1978  CE422 die in an arson fire at a movie theater in Iran
  1978  CEAir India B747 explodes near Bombay killing 213
  1978  CEAmerican Airlines DC-10 crashes on takeoff from Chicago, kills 275
  1978  CEPSA Boeing 727 & a Cessna private plane collide by San Diego, 144 die
  1979  CE11 trampled to death at Cincinnati Who concert
  1979  CEAir New Zealand DC-10 crashes in Antarctica killing 257
  1979  CEAmerican Airlines DC-10 crashes in Chicago killing 275
  1979  CEIxtoc I rig in Gulf of Mexico blows; 3 million bbl of oil spilled
  1980  CE4,500 die when a pair of earthquakes strikes NW Algeria
  1980  CE4,800 die in series of earthquakes that devastated southern Italy
  1980  CEElevator in Vaal Reef South Africa gold mine crash 1900 meter down (23 die)
  1980  CEFire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas kills 84
  1980  CEFire in nursing home in Kingston Jamaica, kills 157
  1980  CEOil tanker explosion off Pilos, Greece, causes 37-million-gallon spill
  1980  CEPolish airliner crash kills all 87 aboard (22 are US amateur boxers)
  1980  CESaudi Arabian Lockheed Tristar crashes on landing at Riyadh, 301 die
  1980  CEUS Georgia tanker at Pilottown La, spills 1.3 million gallons of oil after an anchor chain caused a ship to leak
  1981  CE180 dies as Yugoslav DC-9 jetliner slams into a mountain
  1981  CE8 killed & 198 injured by fire at Las Vegas Hilton
  1981  CEOlympic Glory tanker at Galveston Bay, Texas, spills 1 million gallons of oil in a ship collision
  1982  CE5.9 earthquake in New England & Canada; 1st since 1855
  1982  CE50 die in Spantax Airlines DC-10 on takeoff from Malaga, Spain
  1982  CEAir Florida 737 took off in a snowstorm, crashes into the 14th St Bridge in Washington, DC, & falls into the Potomac River, killing 78
  1982  CEArkas tanker at Montz LA, spills 1.47 million gallons of oil
  1982  CEOcean Ranger oil-drilling platform lost off Newfoundland, 84 die
  1983  CE2 jets collided at Madrid Airport killing 93
  1983  CE6.7 earthquake injures 487 in Coalinga CA
  1983  CEColombian Avianca Airlines Boeing 747 crashes in Madrid killing 185
  1983  CEEarthquake in Colombia kills some 5,000 people
  1983  CEFire in Nassermeer Egypt kills 357
  1983  CEToilet catches fire on Air Canada's DC-9, 23 die at Cincinatti
  1984  CE2,000 die from Union Carbide poison gas emission in Bhopal, India
  1984  CEBulgarian Tupolev 134 crashes at Sofia airport in Bulgaria, 50 die
  1984  CEFire at the Wilberg Mine in central Utah killed 27 people
  1984  CEOil fire in Cubatao Brazil kills 500
  1984  CEPuerto Rican tanker, San Francisco explodes spilling 2 million gallons of oil as the ship caught fire
  1984  CETriangle Oil Corp, above-ground storage tank at Jacksonville Fla, spills 2.5 m gallons of oil burned after lightning sparked a fire
  1985  CE150 killed when a Spanish jetliner crashed approaching Bilbao, Spain
  1985  CE40 die & 150 injured in fire at Bradford City football ground
  1985  CE9,500 die in Mexico's earthquake (6.9)
  1985  CEBomb destroys Air India Boeing 747 in mid air and the jet crashes near Ireland. 329 peole are killed.
  1985  CECyclone hits Bangladesh; about 10,000 die
  1985  CECyclone ravages Bangladesh; 11,000 killed
  1985  CEExploratory well at Ranger TX, explodes spilling 6.3 m gallons of oil
  1985  CEExplosions destroys 2 tankers off of Gibraltar, 30 die
  1985  CEExpress train derails in Ethiopia, kills at least 428
  1985  CEFireworks factory near Hallett, OK explodes (21 die)
  1985  CEHeysel Stadium Disaster - 39 die and 500 injured in rioting between British & Italians at European Cup soccer; English clubs banned from playing in European competition for five years
  1985  CEJapanese Boeing 747 crashes, 520 die (worst in-flight toll)
  1985  CENevado del Ruiz volcano erupts in Colombia, kills 25,000
  1986  CE167 die when Mexicana Airlines Boeing 727 crashes
  1986  CE7.5 Earthquake strikes San Salvador, El Salvador
  1986  CEAeromexico jet & small plane collide kill 82
  1986  CEAir Lanka crashes, killing 22
  1986  CEDupont Plaza Hotel fire in San Juan, Puerto Rico kills 97
  1986  CEFerry boat Shamia sinks on Maghna River Bangladesh, 600 killed
  1986  CELake Nios Volcanic eruption in Cameroon releases poison gas, killing 1,746
  1987  CE156 die as Northwest Flight 255 crashes at take off in Detroit
  1987  CE28 construction workers killed in an apt collapse in Bridgeport, Ct
  1987  CE28 of 82 aboard Continental Airlines DC-9 die in crash at Denver
  1987  CE30 killed in a Texas tornado
  1987  CE31 die in a fire at King's Cross, London's busiest subway station
  1987  CE6.8 earthquake hits Ecuador, kills 100
  1987  CE60 bodies recovered in Dupont Plaza Hotel fire in Puerto Rico
  1987  CEBelgium ferry boat "Herald of Free Enterprise" capsizes/sinks; 192 die
  1987  CEKorean Air Boeing 707 disappears off Burma, on route to Seoul. All 115 lost
  1987  CESouth African Airways Boeing 747 crashes into Indian Ocean, 159 die
  1987  CEWorst peacetime shipping disaster, Dona Paz collides with Vector 1,749 confirmed deaths (probably closer to 3,000)
  1988  CE31 reported dead as Ugandan jetliner crashes in fog near Rome
  1988  CE500 die in heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  1988  CE596 dead after cyclone hits Bangladesh, half a million homeless
  1988  CE900 die as earthquake hits China
  1988  CEAloha Airlines Boeing 737 roof tears off in flight; kills stewardess
  1988  CEAshland Oil storage tank spills 3.8 million gallons, Pennsylvania
  1988  CECyclone lashes Bangladesh, Eastern India; 317 killed
  1988  CEFire in Seattle's Space Needle causes evacuation, $2,000 damage
  1988  CEGilbert, strongest hurricane ever (160 mph), devastates Jamaica
  1988  CEMassive Earthquake in Armenia kills 100,000 in cities of Leninakan & Spitak
  1988  CENew York bound Pan Am jumbo jet explodes over Scotland all 258 aboard die
  1988  CETyphoon Ruby sinks Philippine ferry; hundreds drown
  1988  CEWidespread earthquake hits NE US, Canada; no damage reported
  1989  CEBoeing 737-400 crashes in England, 46 die
  1989  CEBritish Midland Boeing 737 crashes on British Motorway
  1989  CEExxon Houston runs aground in Hawaii, spills 117,000 gallons of oil
  1989  CERare tornado in Philadelphia kills 1
  1989  CEUS Boeing 707 crashes into Santa Maria mountain, 145 die
  1989  CEUS Boeing 747 loses parts of roof over Pacific, 9 die
  1989  CEWorst US oil spill, Exxon's Valdez spills 11.3 million gallons off Alaska
  1990  CE126 die in a (6.9) earthquake in China
  1990  CE25,000 die in Iranian Earthquake
  1990  CE30 die in a (5.7) earthquake in Algeria
  1990  CEAn earthquake hits Peru, killing 56
  1990  CEEarthquake (6.4) hits Peru, killing 135
  1990  CEExxon Corp & Exxon Shipping are indicted on 5 criminal counts (Valdez)
  1990  CEExxon Valdez captain Joseph Hazelwood goes on trial due to oil spill
  1990  CEFire in illegal NYC social club, kills 87
  1990  CEFormer Exxon Valdez Captain Joseph Hazelwood ordered to help clean up Prince William Sound & pay $50,000 in restitution for 1989 oil spill
  1991  CE42 die in a train collision is Japan
  1991  CE8 are crushed to death at a RAP basketball game at City College, NYC
  1991  CEAfghanistan/Pakistan hit by earthquake, 1,200 die
  1991  CEAustrian Boeing 767-300 explodes at Bangkok, 223 die
  1991  CECyclone kills 125,000 in Bangladesh
  1991  CEExxon pays $1-billion dollars in fines & cleanup of Valdez oil spill (Prince William Sound, Alaska)
  1991  CEFreighter with dynamite explodes in Phang Nga Thailand, 120 die
  1991  CEUnited Airlines crashes near Colorado Springs, kills 25
  1991  CEUS Air & Skywest Fairchild commuter jet collide at Los Angeles Airport killing 32
  1992  CE570 die in a Turkish earthquake
  1992  CEChinese air crash kills 141
  1992  CEEarthquake rocks Germany
  1992  CEF-16 jet crashes at residential district of Hengelo Netherlands (No deaths)
  1992  CEGas explodes in coal mine at Zonguldak Turkey, 100s die
  1992  CESudanese Boeing 707 crashes on mountain Hymettos at Athens; 5-6 die
  1992  CEUS Air New York to Cleveland crashes on take off at La Guardia, 27 die
  1993  CEBoeing 727 crashes into mountain at Medellín Colombia, kills 132
  1993  CEDC-3 crashes in Kinshasa, killing 12
  1993  CEFire in clothing factory at Bangkok, kills 145
  1993  CEFire in Linxi department store in Tangshan China, kills 79
  1993  CEFokker 100 crashes at Skopje Macedonia, 81 die
  1993  CEHaitian ferry boat capsize in storm, 800-2,000 die
  1993  CEIndian Airlines B737 crashes art Aurangabad, 61 die
  1993  CEMethane gas explosion in Secunda coal mine South-Africa, kills 50
  1993  CEPolish ferry boat John Heweliusz sinks, 52 killed
  1993  CESuchoi-24 crashes into Tupolev passenger flight, 134 die
28 Sep 1994  CEThe MS Estonia, a car and passenger ferry, sank on its way from Estonia to Sweden killing 852 of 989 people aboard.
  1994  CE5.5 earthquake strikes Sumatra
  1994  CE6.5 earthquake strikes SE Sumatra, kills 200
  1994  CE6.6 earthquake hits Los Angeles killing 60, $30B in damage
  1994  CEChurch in Piedmont AL collapses in tornado, 19 killed
  1994  CEF-16 collides with C-130 Hercules above AFB in North Carolina, 120 die
  1994  CEMine fire at Asansol India, kills 55
  1994  CEOil tank/airship crash at Bosporus (huge fire/15+ killed)
  1994  CEPeruvian Yak-40 crashes into mountain near Tingo Maria, kills 31
  1994  CERussian Airbus A-310 crashes in Siberia (74-75 killed)
  1994  CEShip disaster near Ranong Thailand, kills 200
  1994  CETupolev-154M crashes at Irkutsk, Siberia 122 killed
  1995  CE6.4 earthquake at Trujillo, Colombia (46+ killed)
  1995  CE6.5 earthquake hits Greece
  1995  CE7.2 earthquake destroys Kobe Japan (5,372 die)
  1995  CEDC-9 crashes near Maria La Baya, Colombia 51 die, 9 yr old girl lives
  1995  CEEarthquake hits Russian town of Khabarovsk, killing 2,000 people
  1995  CEFerry boat sinks off Sumbe Angola, 42+ killed
  1995  CEIn South Africa, 104 miners killed in an elevator accident
  1995  CELockheed C-140 Jetstar crashes at Isfahan Persia, 18 killed
  1995  CEMajor earthquake kills 5,092 in Kobe Japan
8 Mar 1996  CEIn Iran, elections for the 270-seat Majlis, the consultative parliament, were completed.
  1996  CEValujet DC-9 crashes in Miami, 109 die
10 May 1997  CEEarthquake near the Afghanistan/Iran border kills at least 1,600 people and makes 50,000 homeless.
  1997  CEEarthquake in Pakistan, kills 45
  1997  CERussian AN-24 plane crashes in Turkey, 50 die
  1998  CEPhilippine DC-9 crashes apparently killing all 104 on board.
  1998  CETornadoes in Florida kills at least 31.
  1998  CEUS military plane clips cable car lines in northern Italy and kills 20.
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