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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Why can't I see events or enter queries for dates earlier than 1 CE? Answer: Information about: Dates before 1 CE

Question: What is the meaning of CE and BCE? Answer: Information about: What is CE and BCE?

Question: Can I see the dates using other calendaring systems such as the Muslim calendar which starts in the seventh century? Answer: Information about: Can you show another calendar?

Question: Some of the 'Themes' are quite long and take a long time to download into my browser - can it be speeded up? Answer: Information about: Can I speed up the timeline download

Question: Why are there so few events in the database for the last two years or so? Answer: Information about: Why so few recent events?

Question: There is a topic or event that I can't find in the database, but I keep getting no results, what is the best way of finding it? Answer: Information about: I can't find my event

Question: When using the Advanced Search to select a single country, some countries appear to have no entries, why is this? Answer: Information about: Can't find a country entry

Question: Can I select a larger area than a country, Europe, for example. Answer: Information about: Can I select larger than a country?

Question: Why is access to the event database restricted to a certain amount each day? Answer: Information about: Why is access restricted?
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